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Marathon Land Company assists investors throughout the land-development process by offering specialized services from a multidisciplinary team of professionals. The company’s service capabilities include:

  • Manage Due Diligence Team
  • Metropolitan District and Homeowner Association Formation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Manage Market Position and Marketing Program
  • Manage Economic Analysis
  • Entitlements / Processing
  • Coordinate Clients and Project Public & Government Relations
  • Environmental Evaluation & Mitigation Management
  • Manage Construction
  • Assist Owners with Land Sales

Marathon is a team leader that develops and manages relationships with all project consultants to make our investors’ projects a success. To maximize residential and commercial sites while minimizing environmental impact, the company brings together environmental consultants, title companies, land planners, attorneys, engineers, marketing consultants and contractors.

Marathon’s working philosophy is centered on a core group of values including integrity, relationships, experience, service, creativity, commitment and reliability. So when you work with Marathon, you’re guaranteed an experienced, professional and ethical team that is dedicated to client needs, project timetables and budgets.

The Marathon team also collaborates with public and private entities as needed to complete projects. Thus, Marathon is experienced in working and partnering with:

  • Adjacent property owners and homeowner associations;
  • Flood control districts;
  • Irrigation companies and railroads;
  • Mineral-rights holders;
  • Fire, school, water and sanitation and metropolitan districts;
  • Dry utility companies;
  • US Army Corps of Engineers;
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency;
  • State departments of transportation, health and natural resources.

Marathon Land Company
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